Poncho Towel Essential

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Hooded Poncho Towel Changing Robe.

Get changed and dry off in public with the world’s leading changing towel. 

Absorbent Quickdry microfibre: 85% polyester and 15% nylon.

Colors: Teal/Grey

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  • PONCHO SIZING: Adult M/L is 44″ long x 29″ wide (112 x 75cm); Adult S/M is 40″ long x 27″ wide (102 x 68cm); Kids is for ages 6-11 and is 33″ wide by 27″ long (85 x 64cm); Baby is for ages 0-3 and is 18″ long by 15″ wide (46 x 36cm).

The Essentials Hooded Poncho Towel is the most basic version of Vivida’s poncho robes. While still featuring a great fit, Vivida has included the necessities for water sports enthusiasts on a budget. It is perfect for surf, kite-surf, wakeboarding, the beach, pool, and more. Built to make your life around water easier, the poncho allows you to change in and out of your bikini, swimsuit, or wetsuit, and towel yourself down in privacy. It is made to keep you warm and dry better than a normal towel.

In addition to acting like a convenient changing robe, the absorbent Quickdry microfibre material means it is fast-drying and efficient at absorbing moisture. The roomy cut and full-coverage hood also help make it easy to stay warm and cosy, even in breezy outdoor conditions. With lightweight construction and fabric that is both machine-washable and durable, you can look forward to practical comfort wherever you go. The Essentials version of Vivida’s unique poncho design boasts the quality construction of Vivida’s original poncho, but with a simpler design that has no zip pocket or side slits. This poncho features an embroidered logo on the front and comes in multiple colours to suit your style.


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